Starbucks [Official Music Video] + BTS

Starbucks [Official Music Video]


Directed & Produced by: Jeyash Luxmanan

Music: M.Kowtham | Vocals: Kadhalviruz, Shangeethan
Rap: Tha Mystro, Tha Prophecy | Lyrics: Jenitha Jospeh
Cinematography (UK): Photon Image | (Canada): Trails of Memories
Editing: J’ASH Cinematics
Sound & Lighting: Kenton Bala (07976 922 136)
Lighting: Thendral Sounds DJ
Make Up: Abarna Beauty Care
Venue: Crystal Club Wembley | Cars: NA Motors
Dance: Phoenix Dance Academy
4:50 – Behind The Scenes
5:20 – Make up for the team
5:52 – A message from Mystro & Niro…
6:19 – Test Shot
6:33 – The Set Up [+ Acoustic Version of Starbucks]
7:39 – Niro interviews M.Kowtham
8:26 – The Boys go all Ghaana
8:54 – Mystro teaches the ladies how to really rock the dance floor
9:05 – Cars [+ Dub Version of Starbucks]
9:20 – Colour Grading with our female lead
9:41 – Slow Motion Test Shots with our female lead [+ Alternative Version of Tha Prophecy]
PERSONAL MESSAGE – A lot of hard work, from a lot of people, from all around the world has gone into this music video. From the boys who helped me from night til nearly mid morning the next day with no sleep, to the technicians and cinematographers who worked with top of the range equipment like cameras, lenses, sound, lighting worth over £30K; from the dancers who put on a little show in the middle of London, to the beautiful female lead dancer that rocked the dance floor on the night; to the family and relatives who handed us a brand new fully loaded Range Rover Sports to have our way with; to the lads who all came down on the night and helped me and my team out. Hats off to everyone who helped!

My aim was not just to produce a music video, this can be achieved relatively easily. My aim was to create a quality music video, no matter how long it took me.

I wanted to bring artists from all fields, be it singers, rappers, cinematographers, photographers, directors, lighting technicians, make up artists, dancers, actors, etc under one roof. I wanted to show that EELA artists can produce something on a grand scale that is just as effective.

I believe through this video my team and I have achieved this and I believe this is the start of something special.
Again, I wouldn’t be writing this without my team which I have mentioned above. A huge thank you to them.
Hope you like the video!

Jeyash Luxmanan

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M. Kowtham –
Kadhalviruz –
Shangeethan –
Tha Mystro –
Tha Prophecy –
J.Jenitha –
J’ASH Cinematics –
Photon Image –
Trails of Memories (Canada) –
A big thank you to everyone who helped, especially to my brothers: Aj Arul | Thushanth Thendral Sounds | Kiri Luxmanan | Saj Sathasivam | Vernon G Segaram