Kanave Kanave – David Cover By Piri Musiq (Tamil/English R&B Remix)

Hey guys! Hope you’ve all been well :). Here’s my new cover of Kanave Kanave from David.
Sit back and enjoy the twist in the middle of the song! 😀


Instrumental reproduced by myself and the English lyrics are my own. Ruben Ravi helped me with the guitar pieces in the song.

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English Lyrics:

Girl, this ain’t no fun and games
I just want you here to stay
Every night I long for you
Hurt is all you put me through

Oh the pain is here in the space you were
You won’t know, You don’t know it hurts
Absence fills the air where you stood
Remnants left from the times of good

Is this fair on me? My heart wants to be
With a peaceful mind, not insanity…

You’re my dreams…you’re my dreams…
Can’t live without you
My world is breaking down
That I can’t be with you…

In my dreams…In my dreams…
There is no other
In time you’ll come to see
We live for each other…

(Kanave Kanave)