I’m So Cool – Kaaki Sattai Cover By Piri Musiq (English Remix)

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Hey what’s up guys and girls 🙂 Hope you’re all good! Back again with another cover from Kaaki Sattai. Love this song to bits! Anirudh and Sivakarthikeyan killed it with the beat and vocals. Hope you enjoy the song :D…

Cinematographer: Achu Chandrakumar
Director: Ananth Bremakumar

This instrumental and vocals were produced by myself. Mixed by David Massey.


Everytime you stare,
Those deep and meaning eyes,
I can’t help myself,
I need you by my side.

I gave you all of me.
The bad, the good, complete.
But you threw it all away,
And now I’m questioning the means.

Baby, oh baby now do I fight for this love?
Or should I leave you,
And try my luck with another who does?

I won’t give it up,
There’s a chance for us
You are what I need.

Come and take my hand…
I hope you understand…
I can’t live without…

Come and take my hand,
I hope you understand,
I can’t live without you baby.

I’ll keep you as my queen,
There’s no better team,
Love is forever my lady.

I can’t take the pain,
Of having you leave again,
Don’t make this hard for me baby.

My heart has given me signs,
There will be a time,
And I will make you my baby.
(Tamil Chorus)